[OPE-L:7718] Kobushi Library: The Origins of Postwar Japanese Thought

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Date: Fri Sep 27 2002 - 16:51:45 EDT

An English catalog of Kobushi Shobo Books is available online



A description of  the Kobushi Library:
"This series is a collection of works written by Japanese intellectuals
before, during, and immediately after the Second World War, which 
had an important influence on postwar thought.  Many of the authors 
of the Kobushi Library played a central role in the postwar debates in 
Japan on subjectivity, the law of value, and technology.  The end of the
war marked the beginning of a brilliant 'renaissance' for Japanese
intellectual life -- as restrictions on thought were lifted and the younger
generation questioned every aspect of social life.  This lead to new
intellectual advances and the recovery of prewar work that had been 
suppressed.  But despite the high intellectual level of the books in this
series, there is little trace of narrow, academic compartmentalization.
These books were written at a time when it was not unusual, and indeed
common, for an economist to study Hegel, for a philosopher to study
economics, and for both to be active in political life.  Moreover, these
books were not written only for the eyes of other scholars, but for a
wider audience -- for a public eager to learn.  The unique spirit of this
period, and the authors themselves, can be felt by reading these books.
Recently, however, many postwar 'classics' have become increasingly 
difficult to find.  The editors of Kobushi Shobo hope the reissue of these
classic works will inspire a new generation of seekers in Japan, and
throughout the world -- 'not as nostalgia or dogma' -- and that this 'small
kindling fire will flare up like a storm and burn brightly in this new 21st


The following are the English translations of the titles in this series.
An description in English of each book in the series is at the above Website.

*  Umemoto Katsumi  _The Materialist Conception of History and Morality_

*  Tanabe Shintaro _A Study of the Dialectics of Nature_

* Saigusa Hiroto _An Investigation of Thought on Technique_

* Sakata Taro _A Genealogy of Ideology_

* Uno Kozo  _Das Kapital and Socialism_

* Takechi Tatehito _The System of Hegel's Logic_

*  Kitagawa Sozo _Methodology of Economics_

* Funayama Shinichi _Dialectics and Japanese Philosophers_

* Amakasu Sekisuke _A Critique of Contemporary Philosophy_

*  Takashima Zenya _Restoring the Theory of Value_

*  Oka Kunio _A New Theory of Technique_

*  Yamada Sakaji _Epistemology and the Theory of Technique_

*  Amakasu Sekisuke _The Path to Hegelian Philosophy_

*  Mutai Risaku _The Study of the Logic of Place_

* Saigusa Hiroto _Hegel: Science of Logic_

* Miura Tsutomu _Daring to Speak My Mind_

* Uno Kozo _Theory of Value_

*  Tsushima Tadayuki _The Myths of the Kremlin_

* Matsumura Kazuto _Towards a Logic of Revolutionary Change_

* Murakami Nobuhiko _On Women_

*  Kirura Motomori _The Love of Expression_

* Honda Kenzo _Phenomenology and Materialist Dialectics_

* Takeuchi Yoshimi _Japan Ideology_

* Miki Kiyoshi _The Essence of Miki Kiyoshi_

* Asobe Kzuzo  _The Theory of Value and Historical Materialism_

* Kimura Motomori _The Formation of Beauty_

* Umemoto Katsumi  _Transition Period Philosophy_

* Tanabe Hajime  _Historical Reality_

* Koyama Iwao _Philosophy of World History_

* Kuki Shuzo _The Essence of Kuki Shuzo_

* Tosaka Jun _The Philosophy of Tosaka Jun_


Other *selected Kobushi Shobo titles* are also
described separately at this Web site including:

* Uno Kozo and Fujii Hiroshi _The Archetype of Modern Capitalism_

It  makes one wish that one could read Japanese,
doesn't it?  It is sad that so many years after these books
were originally published, they still haven't been translated
into English.

In solidarity, Jerry

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