[OPE-L:7712] Re: Chris Arthur's "Alfredo on VFT"

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Thu Sep 26 2002 - 10:46:31 EDT

Re Alfredo's [7711]:

The following is identified as "an important issue for me":

>  I
> think that, in capitalist production, value exists prior to, and
> independently of, sale. Value is created by the *relations of production*,
> rather than by the act of sale. <snip, JL>
> Note: I think that it is equivocal to say that value is 'presupposed as
> produced before being exchanged'. This is not an issue of
> (pre)supposition.
> Value *is there*, by virtue of the wage/capital relation. This is not a
> logical/dialectical point; it is a material fact of social (re)production.

Under capitalism, relations of production logically require  and encompass
relations of exchange.  It is not a question of  "the act of sale".  Rather,
it  stems from the unity of the processes of capitalist  production and
circulation. Indeed,  the wage/capital relation can not be defined or
understood  -- logically or as a material fact of social (re)production --
independently from a comprehension of  the fundamental nature of relations
of exchange particular to capitalism.

Value is created by labour-power, no?  Labour-power  under capitalism
takes the commodity-form, no?   Without labour-power (and with it,
exchange value),  no value, no?  Thus, the "act" of capitalist production
*necessarily* requires "acts" of exchange:  without the "wage contract"
capitalist production can not commence.  *This* is not only a
"logical/dialectical point" but is *also*  a "material fact of social
(re)production" since material reproduction under capitalism can not
continue without wage-labour.

In solidarity, Jerry

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