[OPE-L:7632] Re: Itoh on gold money

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Mon Sep 09 2002 - 20:50:27 EDT

Rakesh wrote in [763l]:

> That is, part of the contradiction between commodities and money 
> shows up as the difference between the kind of commodity which kind 
> most commodities are and the kind of commodity which kind the money 
> commodity is very likely to be.
> By putting money on the same footing with all other commodities, the 
> von Bortkiewicz-Sweezy-Sraffa representation of the economic system 
> essentially effaces a fundamental contradiction of the capitalist 
> economy.

There is a problem with the above:  you are (unintentionally?) asserting
that a "fundamental contradiction of the capitalist economy" stems from 
the unique nature of  the money commodity.   Yet,  the capitalist
economy no longer requires a money commodity  and has thereby 
overcome a contradiction that you have identified as being 
"fundamental".   Fundamental contradictions of capitalism, however,
can not be overcome unless capitalism is surpassed.  

In solidarity, Jerry

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