[OPE-L:7594] Re: Value of information

From: glevy@pop-b.pratt.edu
Date: Wed Sep 04 2002 - 18:13:58 EDT

Paul C asks:

> What is the value of information?
> More particularly what is the value of software?

To begin with:  Hi again everybody.  My boat and I made it back safely from a cruise in Coastal New England, mostly in Maine, and I'm back on land as of a few hours ago.  I see you all been having some lively discussions this summer. I look forward to participating again 
now -- but, I must admit,  I'd rather be sailing.

On your last question:  shouldn't your question be -- what
determines the RENT for software?  If software sellers receive a rent
for theire commodities, then what determines the SIZE of the rent?
This strikes me as _related_ to the ongoing discussion on gold. 

A related issue is rent AVOIDANCE re software. E.g. public domain 
'free' software where the software doesn't take the commodity-form
and 'theft' of software by 'illegal' copying.  It seems to me that
the STATE is required to enforce the payment of rent to software
companies (and there are some interesting struggles among states
over enforcement of software 'proprietary rights'. E.g. between the US and the PRC over software copying.

Hasn't Michael P written about some of these issues?  

What issues concerning value do you think need further explanation
re your above questions?

In solidarity, Jerry

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