[OPE-L:7488] Stalins Economic Problems of Socialism

From: Paul (clyder@gn.apc.org)
Date: Fri Aug 02 2002 - 17:47:04 EDT

Paul b:
As far as Juriaan's latter remark on the Soviet type society, what about reflecting 
on Stalin's ''Law of Value under Socialism''? Or is this even more touchy a
topic than the evasiveness with which Lenin is commonly treated  ?

Paul c:
I take it you are refering to his explanation for the continued existence of 
commodity forms under socialism?

His basic argument if I recall was that it was the continued existence of
property in the form of collective farms which reproduced themselves
by commodity exchange, which lay at the root of this, and that it would
disappear with the replacement of coops by state farms.

The hypothesis is at first sight plausible, and clearly has some grounding
in reality.  I would question whether it was a complete explanation.

What is your view?

Paul Cockshott

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