[OPE-L:7286] Mario Cogoy and environmental economics

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Thu May 30 2002 - 10:14:49 EDT

When a prominent Marxist, like Alain Lipietz or Mario Cogoy, 
moves away from Marxist political economy to another 
perspective then I think it is  useful to ask why.  The more 
interesting question in this regard, I believe, is: what were
they attracted to outside of Marxism that they didn't think
they could find satisfactory answers to using  a Marxist 
perspective?  Lipietz answered that question -- why he 
became a Green instead of a Red -- in _Green Hopes_
(Polity Press, l995).   Mario Cogoy did not answer that
question directly -- at least that I know of.  But, perhaps,
we can get some clues by looking at his recent interests.
See the following from l997:


I have no information on his post-l997 interests or writings.
Note in the above site that there is no mention of his prior
interest in Marxism.  

In the above, one can clearly see that Mario's interests, like
that of Alain's, have been to a great extent related to 
environmental economics.   Thus, his interests in technology
assessment and risk analysis especially in relation to the
nuclear power industry, the environmental impacts of consumer
behavior, and service-orientated processes of economic change
and technological change in the "art of living".  (It's unclear to
me exactly what the "art of living" means in this context.) 

Ben Fine has been doing some work in recent years related to
consumption and there are others such as  J.B. Foster 
and OPE-L member Paul Burkett who have written on subjects
related to environmental economics.  What then is there then that
some who move away from a Marxian perspective find in "Green
Economics" that they don't think they can find within Marxism?
Is this only a misunderstanding on their part or have Marxists 
failed in some ways to  systematically integrate these subjects 
within a Marxian perspective on the global economy?

In solidarity, Jerry

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