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the nearest I know is Grossmans 'Die Wert-Preis-Transformation bei Marx un
das Kriesenproblem'... 1932... ( Leipzig .. Zeitschrift fur Sozialforschung)
reprimted  Archiv sozialtstischer literatur 20 Frank furt  1971.

But since not even the great man's book has been fully translated into
English the articles have had even less chance.

Will someone please volunteer to do some translations?


Paul B.

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> This is a reply to Jerry's 7254.  Jerry, thanks again.
> > Haven't many Marxists been attempting to use Marx's theory in the last
> > one hundred plus years since the 'controversy' began? I think you would
> > agree e.g. that Henryk Grossmann and Paul Mattick Sr. attempted to do
> > that even though they didn't share your perspective on "givens" in
> > Marx's theory.  Didn't they understand the essential nature of
> > capitalism while still having a different interpretation of the
> > transformation?
> This is an interesting question about Grossmann and Mattick.  I would
> say, yes, they understood the essential nature of capitalism as
> exploitation.  But I don't think they provided satisfactory answers to the
> criticism of a logical contradiction in Marx's theory.  At least not
> Mattick.  I don't know about Grossmann, but I have never read anything
> about Grossmann's interpretation of prices of production.  (Rakesh, can
> you help us?  Is there a response to Bortkiewitz?)

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