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From: Riccardo Bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 07:24:18 EDT

Hi Rakesh,

	well, you've reiterated your points, and as I told you I've 
nothing more to add on-list.

	I answer only on two side-issues about your letter below. You write:

(i) "Sinha, Skillman and others (perhaps you and me as well) have 
blame to share in the breakdown of conversation with the TSS school". 
Perhaps, maybe: "me as well" would be responsible for breaking of 
conversation with Kliman, Freeman, Ramos. But I don't remember, 
actually nothing of the kind. If you have specific episodes going 
from me to them of a breaking of conversation, please let me know. 
I'm ready to apologize.

(ii) may be it is a problem of language and culture, but translated 
in Italian, a parenthetical like "even Nicky who seems  to be Jerry's 
good friend etc." , implying that an argument by Nicky in favour of 
Jerry should be due to the fact that she must be "a good friend" of 
him, would be judged as a flame.



At 12:35 -0700 18-05-2002, Rakesh Bhandari wrote:
>>Dear Rakesh,
>>	thanks for your further elaboration. I accept that on this 
>>thing we have different opinion. That's it.
>>	The problem here is not to agree 100% with Jerry. I think his 
>>parallel with gardening was a slip (in fact, he admitted it). I 
>>think he over-emphasised the point about hermeneutics, opposing it 
>>to understanding real capitalism. Though, I thin k he raised an 
>>interesting point to be elaborated, how different are the ways of 
>>doing Marxian hermeneutics today, and how this hermeneutics is 
>>linked to a process of understanding and changing the word.
>Dear Riccardo,
>all these questions can be raised without saying that real Marxists 
>who are primarily interested in understanding and struggling against 
>real world capitalism have great difficulty communicating with 
>Kliman because Kliman has a primary research interest with the same 
>relevance to Marxism as personal gardening.
>First, this is a flame. You want to call it a slip, but this is a 
>euphemism. Jerry needs to re-read the list rules. And I don't think 
>we should have a moderator who breaks his own rules.
>Second, it puts all the blame on Kliman for these communicational 
>difficulties. Why does this list need a hypothesis of why Kliman has 
>communicational difficulties? Especially a hypothesis which puts 
>Kliman in a very unfavorable comparison with his old interlocutors?! 
>Kliman is not even on the list. Levy's comments on Kliman were 
>neither polite nor productive.
>  The list does not need a moderator like this.  Sinha, Skillman and 
>others (perhaps you and me as well) have blame to share in the 
>breakdown of conversation with the TSS school; I of course make no 
>excuses for Kliman's obnoxious demands for retraction--one must 
>realize that I have had as much unpleasant email exchange with 
>Kliman as almost anyone on this list.  But I don't think Levy's 
>making available of Freeman's private email (even if Freeman allowed 
>this) did anyone any good--even Nicky who seems  to be Jerry's good 
>friend could find no reason for Jerry to circulate Freeman's private 
>email with the absurd cries that he was exposing a THREAT to the 
>list. What a TSS person could think is that the moderator of this 
>list is willing to do anything to bring them down--circulate private 
>email and make ad hominem criticisms. Again we don't need this kind 
>of moderation.
>Levy has moderated for--what?--seven years now. Do Marxists have 
>moderators for life? It's time for a change.

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