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From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@stanford.edu)
Date: Sat May 18 2002 - 15:35:55 EDT

>Dear Rakesh,
>	thanks for your further elaboration. I accept that on this 
>thing we have different opinion. That's it.
>	The problem here is not to agree 100% with Jerry. I think his 
>parallel with gardening was a slip (in fact, he admitted it). I 
>think he over-emphasised the point about hermeneutics, opposing it 
>to understanding real capitalism. Though, I thin k he raised an 
>interesting point to be elaborated, how different are the ways of 
>doing Marxian hermeneutics today, and how this hermeneutics is 
>linked to a process of understanding and changing the word.

Dear Riccardo,
all these questions can be raised without saying that real Marxists 
who are primarily interested in understanding and struggling against 
real world capitalism have great difficulty communicating with Kliman 
because Kliman has a primary research interest with the same 
relevance to Marxism as personal gardening.

First, this is a flame. You want to call it a slip, but this is a 
euphemism. Jerry needs to re-read the list rules. And I don't think 
we should have a moderator who breaks his own rules.

Second, it puts all the blame on Kliman for these communicational 
difficulties. Why does this list need a hypothesis of why Kliman has 
communicational difficulties? Especially a hypothesis which puts 
Kliman in a very unfavorable comparison with his old interlocutors?! 
Kliman is not even on the list. Levy's comments on Kliman were 
neither polite nor productive.

  The list does not need a moderator like this.  Sinha, Skillman and 
others (perhaps you and me as well) have blame to share in the 
breakdown of conversation with the TSS school; I of course make no 
excuses for Kliman's obnoxious demands for retraction--one must 
realize that I have had as much unpleasant email exchange with Kliman 
as almost anyone on this list.  But I don't think Levy's making 
available of Freeman's private email (even if Freeman allowed this) 
did anyone any good--even Nicky who seems  to be Jerry's good friend 
could find no reason for Jerry to circulate Freeman's private email 
with the absurd cries that he was exposing a THREAT to the list. 
What a TSS person could think is that the moderator of this list is 
willing to do anything to bring them down--circulate private email 
and make ad hominem criticisms. Again we don't need this kind of 

Levy has moderated for--what?--seven years now. Do Marxists have 
moderators for life? It's time for a change.


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