[OPE-L:7194] Re: Re: fundamentalism

From: Rakesh Bhandari (rakeshb@stanford.edu)
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 14:55:38 EDT

I didn't see that Jerry had reposted his 7174 with interspersed 
comments to which I shall now speak. And I really have only one thing 
to say.

His claim is entirely bogus. Kliman had trouble with Skillman, 
Moseley and other Marxists here on OPE-L and elsewhere not because he 
was interested in hermeunetic questions while they were interested in 
the comprehension and dynamics of real world capitalism but because 
they were all interested in the same kind of hermeneutic and logical 
problems. This was not a Kliman problem; it was and has been an OPE-L 
problem. I  know that one former list member has been appreciative 
that at least I tried to pursue topics such as oil rent and the 
history of slavery, and quit because so few OPE_Lers were interested 
in those topics.  So these were not topics avoided by Kliman but by 
OPE_L in general.

Levy's hypothesis of why Kliman has proven difficult to communicate 
with is bogus; moreover, it was an insult because Levy made Kliman 
out to be scholastic while saying that other Marxists are immersed in 
the real world.

Levy made Kliman out to be dogmatic and interested in things as 
important as personal gardening while comparing him to real Marxists 
who are interested in comprehending and struggling against real world 
criticism. ANd in fact Kliman is no less concerned about this and 
writes no less about this than the majority of list members. So why 
Levy  singled Kliman out and criticized someone who is not on the 
list reflects his pettiness. And because he is moderator, his 
pettiness will prevent us from getting people like Alejandro to 
return.  Which is my real concern in this exchange.
It is time for Levy to step down.



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