[OPE-L:7191] Re: Re: women and Marxian political economy (was fundamentalism)

From: dashyaf@easynet.co.uk
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 13:51:53 EDT


Unfortunately not! Perhaps we will be able to get it scanned and put online 
in the not too distant future. A  new article needs to be written.


At 10:41 16/05/02 -0400, you wrote:
>David Y: to begin with, thanks for your reply in [7l86]
>to my questions in [7l82].   You wrote in [7l73]:
> > As far as the work published in November 1976  in
>Revolutionary Communist 5   on Women's Oppression
>under Capitalism by four women comrades in the RCG,
>which through an analysis of domestic labour under
>capitalism showed why capitalism could  never fully
>socialise domestic work, it was never  taken up by
>academic Marxists at the time. Perhaps one day
>someone will look at it again.  <
>This article isn't available online.  Has the analysis as
>presented in l976 been expanded upon by those or
>other authors since that time?   In other words, is there
>another (more contemporary?) source that presents a
>similar analysis that we could take a look at?
>In solidarity, Jerry

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