[OPE-L:7190] RE: Re: fundamentalism

From: Nicola Taylor (n.taylor@student.murdoch.edu.au)
Date: Thu May 16 2002 - 07:39:01 EDT

> In conclusion, if you read what I actually wrote I find nothing
> objectionable.  If others do, then it is because they have not
> reacted to what I _actually_ wrote.  And that is a sure fire way
> to have a  bad debate.

Well, Jerry, your position doesn't seem to me in any way objectionable
(no comment on whether it is 'right' or 'wrong').  Unfortunately, the
same can not be said for Rakesh's latest piece of unpleasantness; truly
a classic example of all that is bad in Marxian debates.  

In solidarity

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