[OPE-L:7181] a serious debate on Marx's value theory?

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 18:10:10 EDT

LABORATORIO PER LA CRITICA SOCIALEIn [7l75] Rakesh asserted that "some serious debate by former
listmembers will be occurring in Italy".  I assume he is referring to
the following from [7l35]:

The Laboratory for Social Critique
Introduces the book published in the series 'Critical Knowledge'
The presentation and discussion will be held on May, 21, 2002
at the 'Centro Congressi' of Rome University, La Sapienza, Via Salaria 113.
Morning Session (9:30 to 13:00) Chair: L. Vasapollo
9:30 Introduction by L. Vasapollo. 
10:00 Interventions by the authors ; 
12:00 The authors reply to the public's questions.

Is the serious debate to take place during the one hour question and answer

Afternoon Session(14:30 to 18:00) Chair: L. Vasapollo
The Round Table will be opened by A. Kliman who will summarize the morning session.  

Or is the serious debate expected to happen among the book's authors during
"The Round Table"?  Given the fact that they are in basic agreement, I can't
imagine why you would label it a "debate".

15:00 Interventions by scholars and politicians:
A.Callari (Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, USA), M. De Angelis (Univ. East London), D. K Foley (Univ.New School, New York), G. Mazzetti (Univ. Calabria), G. Mongiovi (Univ. New York), F.Petri (Univ.  Siena),  E. Screpanti (Univ. Siena).
Sen. P. Di Siena (Vicepresident, Associazione .Rinnovazione. Sinistra), On. A Gianni  (Dep. Partito di Rinnovazione Comunista), On. N.Nesi (President. Scientific Committee, Partito Comunista Italiana), On. A.Tortorella (Pres. Associazione Rinnovazione. Sinistra), Senator. C. Salvi (President, Associazione. Socialismo 2000).

Or, is the serious debate supposed to happen during the 2 l/2 hour
period when there are to be l2 speakers?    If so, that sure isn't much 
time for a  serious  debate -- especially given the fact that the 
authors along with the "scholars and politicians" are supposed to
be providing "an answer" (note singular) to the questions below.
Then, of course, there is:
17:30 Answers and concluding remarks by A. Freeman
18:00 Conclusions by L. Vasapollo 

Is this where we will observe the serious debate?  
Note the following:

The Conference is organized in such a way that the authors, together with the scholars and the politicians invited, will provide an answer to the following questions: 
1. Has Marx's transformation procedure been proven inconsistent?
2. Is Bortkiewictz's interpretation of Marx's value theory Marx's own theory?
3. Is it true that simultaneous valuation leads necessarily to an interpretation of exploitation purely in physical terms? If this is true, is this valuation compatible with Marx's theory of exploitation in terms of surplus labour?
4. Has Marx's theory of the tendential fall in the profit rate been disproved?

It's really quite an amazing claim that "an answer" will be provided
for the four above questions.  What of the answerS  provided by
the "scholars and politicians"?  Is that to be part of "an answer"?

In solidarity, Jerry

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