[OPE-L:7169] Call for Papers: Complex Multi-agent interaction dynamics

From: Steve Keen (s.keen@uws.edu.au)
Date: Wed May 15 2002 - 02:02:51 EDT

Call for Papers: Complex Multi-agent interaction dynamics

Please forward this call for papers to any relevant lists or individuals

The journal Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society (DDNS) is producing a 
special issue on the topic of "Complex multi-agent interaction dynamics".

DDNS's main field of interest is the use of nonlinear difference equations 
to model complex phenomena in natural and social systems. However, the rise 
in computer processing power, and the development of powerful parallel 
processing hardware and software, has made it possible to model many 
complex systems as the result of the interactions of discrete agents.

This special issue of DDNS will focus exclusively upon this approach to 
system modelling. Papers will be considered on any and all topics, so long 
as the paper meets the parameters of using interactive multiple agent 
systems to generate or explain complex systems.

While it is expected that the majority of papers will report on computer 
simulations of complex systems, we will also consider papers that consider 
the philosophical and methodological issues involved, or that consider the 
relationship of this approach to modelling to more traditional techniques 
(such as systems of difference or differential equations). Book reviews are 
also invited.

The editors for this special issue are:

Steve Keen, University of Western Sydney: s.keen@uws.edu.au

Ric Herbert, University of Newcastle: ric.herbert@newcastle.edu.au

Russell Standish, University of New South Wales: rks@parallel.hpc.unsw.edu.au

Papers should be no more than 6,000 words in length (2,000 words for book 
reviews), and should where possible include colour reproductions of any 
graphics (DDNS frequently prints high quality colour plate reproductions).

Submitted papers should use the following format:

* Electronic submission, either by anonymous ftp to:
ftp://parallel.hpc.unsw.edu.au/DDNS; or
by email attachment to the editors for this special issue

PDF is the preferred file format (check with the editors before submitting 
files in any other format apart from PDF or Microsoft Word);

Two files must be submitted: One an abstract noting author(s), 
affiliations, & physical and email addresses; a second file containing the 
submitted paper plus abstract, without authorship details;

File names should follow the convention DDNS_PrimaryAuthorSurnameAbstract & 
DDNS_PrimaryAuthorSurname; these will be changed to a numerical naming 
system when sent to referees;

Headers and footers should identify the paper title, page number etc., but 
should not mention author names;

Limitations should be placed on the quality of any graphics to keep file 
size below 2 megabytes;

The deadline for paper submission is August 31st, 2002.

About the Journal

DDNS is an refereed international multidisciplinary research and review 
journal, published 4 times a year by Gordon and Breach Harwood Science 
Publications, which is a Member of the Taylor & Francis Group. For more 
information, please consult the journal's Web Page:

Home Page: http://www.debunking-economics.com
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