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From: Riccardo Bellofiore (bellofio@cisi.unito.it)
Date: Fri May 10 2002 - 07:35:57 EDT

indeed, probably I was rather inaccurate here; I first wrote only the 
name of Lenin. but I didn't wanted my comment been interpreted as a 
personalised attack against Leninists, so I added to the list the 
names of Marx (who I surely remember was very hard against his 
opponents, but I don't remember if and when this happened in 
puublished writings) and Rosa Luxemburg (who, according to my memory, 
did not enetered into the 'public vilification' of opponents. so I 
welcome the informations by Jurriaan.


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>  Actually, I would say the majority of Marx's "personalised" attacks were
>  made in writings which he didn't publish for all and sundry to read. And of
>  course an enormous amount of Marx's writings were unpublished in his
>  lifetime. It is one thing to tell friends or associates in a private note
>  or personal communication what you really think of so-and-so, it is another
>  to pretend this is doing politics or a scholarly debate.
>  I think the "Marxist" tradition of public villification really starts with
>  Lenin (and in Russian culture at the time, swearing was an accepted
>  custom). Trotsky did rather better. "Like Lessing", Bernard Shaw wrote of
>  Trotsky, "when he cuts off his opponents head, he holds it up to show that
>  there are no brains in it; but he spares his victim's private character...
>  He leaves [his victim] without a rag of political credit; but he leaves him
>  with his honour intact." (The Nation, London, 7 January 1922; quoted by
>  Isaac Deutscher, The Prophet Armed, p. viii). This is perhaps not true of
>  all Trotsky's writings, but does well describe his general orientation in
>  most of his writings and speeches.
>  Jurriaan

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