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From: michael a. lebowitz (mlebowit@sfu.ca)
Date: Wed May 08 2002 - 03:41:27 EDT

Hi folks,
         Just back from several weeks in China. Alfredo suggested that I 
pass on to you the note I sent off to a few people giving my impressions. 
So, here it is.
             in solidarity,

What more is there to say? The following appeared in the Shanghai Daily on 
May Day (or was it 30 April?):

>'Model Worker' is boss
>Private executives are winners
>GUO Jiaxue, 36, president of a private business in the northwest province 
>of Shaanxi, yesterday was among 16 winners of the provincial title of 
>"Model Worker."
>Guo and the other prizewinning private executives were classified as "a 
>new rank in society."
>Four private businessmen will also appear in this year's list of winners 
>of May 1 Labor Medals prepared by the All China Federation of Trade 
>Unions, reported Xinhua.
>In China, "Model Worker" titles and May 1 Labor Medals are the greatest 
>honor that in the past went exclusively to outstanding state sector 
>workers and socialist village farmers.
>"It is a breakthrough," said ACFTU Vice President Li Qisheng.
>"The fact that private businessmen win honors just as workers from the 
>stateowned sector confirms that they are also builders of the socialist 
>cause," said Li. "Private businessmen are also laborers and those who have 
>contributed to the nation are also eligible for the title."
>Guo Jiaxu said, "It shows that as a new social rank, our strong desire for 
>social honor and political kudos has been recognized by the state."
>Guo's Dongsheng Group, based in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi Province, is a 
>multifunctional business with thousands of workers.

Oh yeah, I could add that Chinese Marxists are busily debating about how 
capitalists are productive workers, how capital in socialism is not 
exploitative, and how capital is produced by the capitalist's own labour 
and comes from savings. Value theory is being upgraded so it can once again 
be a weapon for change. There doesn't seem to be any debate about how 
capitalists represent advanced productive forces; since, according to Ziang 
Jemin's 'Three Represents", the Party represents advanced productive 
forces, it follows of course that capitalists belong in the party (indeed, 
in the leadership).

         yours for socialism,

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