[OPE-L:7120] Reading Materials Request from "Praksis" studies group in Indonesia

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Date: Mon May 06 2002 - 09:50:00 EDT

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Subject: Reading Materials Request

> Dear Sir and Madame:
> Thank you very much, you have the pleasure reading my
> email. 
> Before, I would to introduce myself. My name is Ary
> Zulluthe, I am student from Indonesian. I have a small
> discuss group in the name of PRAKSIS. PRAKSIS is a new
> student group based at the Universities Student in
> Jogyakarta, Indonesia. It was started in the year 2000
> by students wanting to learn more and focused in
> political economy and the economic analysis of
> contemporary societies; social and political theory;
> phylosophy and methodology of the natural and social
> science, women's, labour and envorontment studies,
> actually based on Marxist scholarship. Its activities
> include the formation of student study groups and
> activism to raise awareness of these issues in
> Indonesia, as well as of their global
> interconnections.
> I recognize you as a productive writer and author of
> articles and books on marxist studies, and I often
> reading the tittles of your articles in journals or
> books.
> But unfortunatelly, I could not found this Journal at
> the libraries in Indonesia. And we could not also to
> buying this Journal because its very expensive for
> us.We are just a small student club which has have not
> budget for purchasing books,magazines, or journal.
> For increase our insight and knowledge, PRAKSIS is
> currently engaged in printed reading material donation
> drive (new, used or photocopies) to fill up books
> collection of our "Left" mini library. We believed
> that book is a primary resources of knowledge.
> Any printed reading materials contributions by you or
> your organization would be greatly appreciated. It is
> also seeking support in the form of fundraising for
> purchasing Indonesian books. 
> for more information, contact:
> praksis_studiesclub@yahoo.com
> Thank you very much for your attention and
> contributes.
> Best Wishes,
> Ary Zulluthe
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> Jogjakarta 55281
> Indonesia
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