[OPE-L:7088] Re: Re: Michael Eldred and Morten Hansen articles online

From: Diego (diego.guerrero@cps.ucm.es)
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 04:05:13 EDT

Re [7077]:
<<In addition to the article referred to by Morten Hansen in [7076], also see his  book published online in Danish entitled _VAREN,  PENGENE, KAPITALEN  OG  LOHNARBEJDET_:
and the related article entitled  "Theorier om Pengene":
There are also quite a number of -- what appear to be -- interesting lengthy articles (all in Danish) on German bank history  l700-2000,  a critique of the bourgeois democratic state, Ernest Bloch, Walter Benjamin,  theories of competition, etc. at: http://www.aub.dk/~mmh/
How is it that his name hadn't been mentioned on OPE-L before?   Does no one here read Danish?  In solidarity, Jerry>>

I wrote Morten Hansen and received these words from him:

Hi Diego, 
I'm glad to hear from you. I'm a little in a hurry. I'm preparing to spend a couple of days in Italy next week. So I send you this short message now. I will return later on, when I have more time. [snip, DG] The article on the Banking History is on the Danish and not the German Banking History. I'm writing in Danish, so you might have a problem to read my works. Though the Hauparbeit on Benjamin is in German. I've published a few things on paper but prefere to be online (too). I have found out of what ope-l means. I think I must dissapoint you. I do no write in English. Perhaps can Michael Eldreds books help. I share a lot of his views. He writes in English on the artefact site. Yours Morten. 


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