[OPE-L:7069] women and Marxian political economy

From: glevy@pop-b.pratt.edu
Date: Thu Apr 25 2002 - 09:03:33 EDT

Re Nicky's [7067]:

I'd like to jump-in and say a few comments about this question. I
think that while these questions are related, they are not the 
same. Specifically, I will note that Internet mailing lists tend to be male-dominated.  Here, I'm not thinking only of membership, but 
of who the frequent posters are. This seems to me to be a question 
which would be probably better addressed by those who study communication, social psychology, and gender studies than by economists (or Marxists who critique political economy, if you prefer.)  This seems to me to be somewhat different from the larger
question of the appeal of Marxism to women and the sub-question of
why most radical economists who are women aren't all that interested
at present in Marxian debates on value, etc.  These are important questions -- and not just for OPE-L.  To have a more meaningful dialogue on these issues, I think we'd need to hear more from radical feminists who aren't Marxists about what their concerns are and what their critique of Marxists is.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS: While it is true that Nicky is the only woman on OPE-L who has
been posting lately, there are 9 women who are listmembers (out of 75).

> Hi Simon,
> To take a different example: what might the bridge be between theoretical
> questions of Marxism (discussed on OPE-L) and the political question
> (maleness of Marxism, OPE-L)?  And what do you think might be the special
> skills of economists in finding an answer to the question.  I do seem to be
> the only active female participant!

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