[OPE-L:7033] Comments from a OPE-L reader on TSS interpretion of Marx

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Date: Sat Apr 20 2002 - 18:21:36 EDT

I have changed the title of the "subject" line so that it is  more closely
related to post substance.  I don't know the sender but he has been
reading our archives and wishes to make his thoughts known./
In solidarity, Jerry

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Subject: Ope-l wider participation

>   I am a lurker of the list via its open access through the web. I have 
> seen that Kliman, Freeman, Ramos, etc., have left this list.
> In relation with their TSS (or equivalent) theory I think it a 
> complicated explanation to try to maintain the idea that the same 
> relation that exists between aggregate labour and aggregate price 
> magnitude is maintained between plusvalue and profit in price terms. 
> There is no reason to believe in such an idea. Has the capitalist 
> entrepreneur any interest on it?
> Altough it seems true that an excessive deviation between real things 
> expressed in aggregate labour and price can be seen as dangerous by 
> them, the money has to represent something real, in the end.
> Nevertheless I find useful their theory because puts the emphasis in the 
> relation between monetary magnitudes and labour magnitudes that 
> represents the economy in real terms. (This is why I think it is a pity 
> they do not continue) One of the problems when they put in relation 
> units of money with a unit of labour is they are not able to know which 
> is the reason for this ratio to change: Is it due to an increase in 
> labour productivity? or is it due to an increase in the profit mark-up?
> Nevertheless, it seems to be a more productive field than traditional 
> discussions on the transformation problem subject.
> Is it so dificult to accept that between price and labour input 
> realtions it must be taken into account the rate of profit and the wage 
> as Sraffa presents it in his price
> reduction to dated labour time?
> Yours Faithfully,
> Vicenc Melendez
> Barcelona
> (Spain)

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