[OPE-L:7018] Sartre on intelligibility

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 07:00:51 EDT

Re [6937]:

Hi Jairus.  We haven't discussed Sartre before. Maybe the following
questions will lead to such a discussion. 

> Sartre's *Critique de la Raison Dialectique*, esp. the first volume. There
*is* a problem of intelligibility and this book is the single most
important attempt to respond to it. <

What precisely is this problem of "intelligibility" from _your_ perspective?

How is the "translucidity" of the dialectic developed?   If a theory is only 
intelligible through totalisation, as distinct from taking each idea in isolation,
how are we then able later to micro-critique a theory or explain a specific micro-

You also referred in [6937] to your field studies that were based on interviews 
of corporate representatives. Isn't there a problem of intelligibility in terms 
of interpreting that information?  Should the "praxis-process"  of those corporate 
representatives be interpreted as Malthusianism?  

What is the role of praxis in the over-coming of intelligibility?  Does praxis
*necessarily* overcome intelligibility?  

How would you answer Istvan Meszaros's claim that the *Critique of Dialectical
Reason*  "turned out to be the greatest Kantian work of the twentieth century"?

In solidarity, Jerry

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