[OPE-L:7012] Re: Re: Capital & Class

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 19:09:06 EDT

MEGA 5 the first ed of the German has 45 references in its index, and that
is not counting working-class, middle-class etc. And for MEGA 9 which is
Moore and Aveling they give 49. Their indexing is not reliable for they
always over-index by including in this case 'workmen' etc.
>In [7009] Geert wrote:
>> Relevant is also the Vol I number.
>By my reckoning:
>The total # in VI:  25. Of these *l9* are in the body of the
>work ( 2 references are in the table of contents; and
>there are l reference each in the l867 and l872 Prefaces
>and the l873 Afterward. There is also a reference in the
>l886 Preface by Engels but I have not included it in the total.)
>The breakdown/chapter is as follows:  *one reference each*
>in  Chapters 5-6, 9-ll, l4-l7, 23-30, 32-33.  Thus, despite
>the reference to 'class'  in l9 chapters, there is  *no* chapter in
>which  class was mentioned in more than one excerpt.
>Of course, it may be that the # is different if we look at the
>German (or perhaps other translations:  the online version used
>the Moore & Aveling translation.)
>In solidarity, Jerry

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