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From: paul bullock (paulbullock@ebms-ltd.co.uk)
Date: Sun Apr 14 2002 - 18:18:27 EDT

Re: [OPE-L:6978] Re: Re: the cost of slavesRakesh,

I think that the quote on p348 you refer to is certainly ambiguous. By comparing the Manufacturer and the boyar in this section , necessary and surplus labour is constantly refered to except here where a direct comparison of  the corvee to the English factory worker is made. Here the use of SV seems to me to refer to the latter, whilst using the common ratio of the nec/sup labour time for corvee labour in the comparison. A tricky thing to have done... maybe unfortunate. Still at the moment I am still not happy with the idea of SV in the US Slave system. 

So far Jerry hasn't been able to find any Engels references to SV outside of capitalism, as he suggested earlier... so he can't help you further.



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