[OPE-L:6914] Re: Che and Karl

From: dashyaf@easynet.co.uk
Date: Fri Apr 05 2002 - 14:37:05 EST

Unfortunately someone has borrowed all my selected writings of Che in 
English. However you can read Che Guevara Economics and politics in the 
Transition to Socialism by Carlos Tablada Pathfinder 1989 ... See preface 
p16 for particular reference to his reading of Capital many times etc. Read 
his articles on Value, and on the Soviet budgetary system among many 
economic writings and you will become convinced of this point. The Tablada 
book is crucial...


PS I never wear T-shirts with slogans on them...

At 07:26 04/04/02 -0500, you wrote:
>David Y wrote in [6887]:
> >  Che Guevara - who studied Capital in great depth  <
>When you write that Guevara studied _Capital_ "in great
>depth",  could you provide some more details?
>In solidarity, Jerry
>PS to David and John: maybe you can arrange a T-shirt
>barter of a genuine (made in Mexico) Zapatista shirt for
>a 'Rock around the Blockade' shirt?

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