[OPE-L:6892] Re: value-form

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 08:30:04 EST

I. Re Andy's [6870]:

> For completeness, could you indicate what 'value' is, on your 
> account?

I agree with Chris's  [6873]. So, "for completeness",  the concept
of  value has to be developed systematically.  I would add to Chris's
account, though, that a systematic interrogation of the meaning of
"socially necessary" in SNLT  must be part of that unfolding and
deepening of  our comprehension of value-forms.  I tried to do that
in a series of posts in Spring, 2001.

II. Re Nicky's [6885]:

a) When you wrote in 3) that value in commodity form prior to
actualization through exchange is "ideal money", didn't you mean that it 
was "ideal value"?   I  have doubts about the advisability of the
expression "ideal money" since money can serve as money -- in 
actuality rather than just ideally -- when it is withdrawn from 
circulation, e.g. when it takes the form of a hoard.

b) Your attempt to  build on and synthesize Chris's [6873] and
Geert's [6882]  is quite interesting, but I think that if  all of the
rocks are overturned so that we can fully compare Chris's (and
Tony's) perspectives on value with that of Geert (and Mike W)
we will find not only significant areas of agreement but _also_
significant areas of disagreement within the VFT tradition.  Yet,
I am quite curious about how these comrades would articulate
those differences so I will sit back, listen, and sip my cup of 
coffee and contemplate.

In solidarity, Jerry

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