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From: dashyaf@easynet.co.uk
Date: Thu Apr 04 2002 - 05:11:08 EST

I am not sure what John is tying to say re 'love' but perhaps a quote from 
Che Guevara - who studied Capital in great depth - would help here.

'A true revolutionary is motivated by deep feelings of love'

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How about it John!

Sorry about the advert!

David Yaffe

At 12:16 03/04/02 -0600, John Holloway wrote:
>Dear all,
>     Nicky says: "Love is an extremely powerful and revolutionary idea, but
>how to take it
>into the economics discourse in a meaningful way?  How would you do it
>     I think my answer would be that it is impossible to take "love" into
>economic discourse, precisely because, as Jerry points out, the categories
>of economics ("Marxist" or otherwise) - value, capital, money etc -  are
>constructed on the negation of love. This is surely why, as David Y. points
>out, it does not make sense to speak of Marxist economics but only of a
>Marxist critique of economics (or political economy, or anything else for
>that matter).
>     David says: "Nevertheless as materialists we must understand the
>pressures of work in an academic environment is not conducive to a
>revolutionary perspective...."
>     I agree. But the problem for all of us who live in a capitalist society
>(whether we work in a university or not) is how we live in-and-against, how
>we criticise theoretically-practically, in other words.

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