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Went to me but intended for the list...

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Hello Andy [OPE-L:6867], sorry in advance for brevity.

You ask:

>If value *is* money, then what 
>is the value-*form*? 

1. 'Value-form' is an abstract universal concept for the 'mode of
association' posited by capitalism.  Value-form is that which enables the
existence of a form of production for exchange based on the 'dissociation'
of production and consumption and the 'dissociation' of labour and means of
production.  A wage contract (for example) is a concrete determination of
the value-form. 

2. 'Value' is an abstract universal concept for social 'forms' specific to
capitalism.  Commodities are values (in commodity form).  Money is value
(in money form).  Ultimately, though, value is capital because success
(valorisation) in a capitalist (monetary) economy is measured only by way
of a comparison of capital with itself at different points in time.  


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