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For more information, see

 Wages and Currency: Global and Historical Comparisons

 Symposium in Amsterdam/Leiden,
24-25 May 2002

 Convenors: International Institute of Social History (IISH), Amsterdam
 and National Collection of Coins and Medals (KPK: Koninklijk
 Penningkabinet), Leiden (in cooperation with 'Labour 1500-2000')

 Money in the form of coins can be used for many purposes. The literature
 tends to concentrate on their use in trade. But there are good reasons
 to assume that coins have been essential for wage payments for thousands

 On the basis of an exploratory study into the situation in the
 Netherlands between 1200 and 2000 (see article) the workshop wants to
 bring together specialists from all parts of the world to examine on the
 basis of concrete case studies to what extent the arguments set out here
 and elaborated for the Netherlands cut any ice, and above all whether a
 refined set of hypotheses can be developed from this work.

 More information:

 - Call for papers (MS Word-document, 37 Kb)

 - Accepted Paper Proposals, Abstracts

 - 'Wage payments and currency circulation in the Netherlands 1200-2000';
 Article by Prof Dr Jan Lucassen that deals with the situation in the
 Netherlands from the medieval period onwards (as yet unpublished, MS
 Word-document, 146 Kb)

 - Schemes going with the article (in Dutch, PDF-document, 70 Kb)

 Those who wish to attend can now register by sending an e-mail to
 Monique Kruithof (mok@iisg.nl) and remitting the conference fee.
As we have limited possibilities we urge you to apply soon and to pay the
 registration fee. As soon as we received your registration fee we will
 put you on the list. We will stick strictly to the order of
 registrations (incl. payments).
Registration fee:
&euro 50 one day (incl. lunch)
&euro 85 one day (incl. lunch and dinner)
&euro 120 two days (incl. lunches and dinners)

 Bank account: ABN Amro Bank, the Netherlands
Mentioning: 'Wages & Currency' Friday/Saturday*
(* if you pay for one day, indicate which day)

 Please indicate in case you are a staff member of IISH/NEHA or KPK or if
 you are FWO Research Network Member, because in this case special
 facilities apply.

 If you wish us to help you in finding accommodation, please let us know.
 For all questions contact Monique Kruithof, (mok@iisg.nl) secretary to
 the conference.

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