[OPE-L:6864] statement by Advisory Committee

From: ope-l administrator (ope-admin@ricardo.ecn.wfu.edu)
Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 19:59:00 EST

Pursuant to a request from Paul Zarembka in (6815), dated 3/25/02, the
Advisory Committee  issues the following finding of facts:

1)  Jerry Levy indicated to Paul Z on March 14 by private email that he
was prepared to send Alan Freeman a list of names of OPE-L subscribers
who received the "Internal Discussion Document" (IDD) but that Alan had 
said that he wasn't receiving email from Jerry.

2) Paul Z answered Jerry in the "PS" of his (6751).

3) In accord with Paul Z's suggestion,  Jerry sought out another
listmember who agreed to forward an email from Jerry to Alan that just
included the list of names of those who received the IDD.   Jerry sent
the email with  the title "Message for Alan Freeman" to that other
subscriber on March 15. Jerry has every reason to believe that this other
listmember did as he had agreed to do and had therefore forwarded Jerry's
message to Alan.

The Advisory Committee therefore determines that this is a moot question 
since what Paul Z asked for had been -- without Paul's knowledge -- done
by Jerry ten days before Paul's request to the committee.

The Advisory Committee and Jerry also want  the entire list to know that
all  of those who unsubscribed since March 9 were informed individually
and in  writing on March 20  that they are welcome back on OPE-L.

We thank Paul Z for his concern. We ask of listmembers that, in the
future,   all requests for action by the Advisory Committee be addressed
directly to committee members rather than to the list.

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