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Date: Tue Apr 02 2002 - 07:59:37 EST

Dear Rakesh,

Sorry to cause you trouble but could you give me chapter and verse on this
with respect to Grossman.


Paul Bullock

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> >Re [6880]:
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> >Ian wrote:
> >
> >>  I agree that some slave owners (especially the slave owners of
> >>  the new world) have appropriated surplus value (this was said in
> >>  one of the opening comments of this thread, I think),
> >
> >Rakesh replied:
> >
> >>  yes but Jerry does not agree with us.
> >
> >On the contrary, I have never disputed the claim that slave owners
> >can _appropriate_ surplus value.  That was never in dispute.
> >
> >In solidarity, Jerry
> Again Jerry this is cleary not my claim.   Ian may or may not be
> agreeing with me--I will let him clarify. He seemed to be agreeing
> with me and thus not using "appropriate" in the sense of claiming
> surplus value produced by other capitals employing formally free wage
> labor for the production of commodities.
> At any rate,  I have clearly argued that formally unfree workers can
> *themselves produce surplus value*. You seem to dispute that. Brass
> does not; neither does Banaji (and Henryk Grossman and Rosa Luxemburg
> by the way). Patrick Mason does not. It seems to me that Paulo C does
> not either. I am sure there are people on this list who agree with
> you. Perhaps Ian does.  I am not clear as to who they are and more
> importantly  what their (or for that matter your) reasons are for
> dismissing the possibility that formally unfree workers can ever
> produce surplus value.
> Perhaps you could give a brief account of the reasoning behind your
> negative dismissal?
> Thanks, Rakesh

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