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Subject: Econ. Crisis Class in NY

Economic Crisis and Crisis Theory

Andrew Kliman & Ted McGlone

6 sessions beginning April 16, 2002; 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the

At the Brecht Forum, 122 West 27th St., 10th floor, New York, NY,
(212) 242-4201.  Tuition is $45-$65 (sliding scale).

Course Description
The world’s major economies are caught in a “synchronized
recession.”  Argentina’s economy, until recently the richest in
Latin American, is in free fall.  Living standards have plummeted
in the Third World for two decades.  This class will explore why
capitalism is rocked by recurrent economic crises and why, despite its
continual technological revolutions, it is unable to create
prosperity for all.

To understand contemporary phenomena, we will focus on Karl Marx’s crisis
theory, but also survey the major radical and mainstream
alternatives.  The differing political implications of these
theories will be stressed throughout.  We will also address the
current debate over whether Marx’s crisis theory is internally
inconsistent.  The class is designed for both newcomers to crisis
theory and those with prior knowledge.

Please contact Andrew_Kliman@msn.com to obtain readings for the
first class.  A syllabus is available upon request.

Andrew Kliman and Ted McGlone teach economics at local colleges.
Kliman’s work on Marx’s crisis theory and critique of political
economy has appeared in Capital and Class, Historical Materialism,
Research in Political Economy, etc.  During the last few years,
McGlone has taught several Brecht Forum classes on the
revolutionary dialectic in the philosophies of Hegel and

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