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Thanks for your gracious welcome.  I think you are asking about the content
of my Labor book, Beyond Survival: Wage Labor in the Late Twentieth Century.
If so, the Table of Content is as follows:

Introduction--Beyond Survival: Toward the Revitalization of Labor, Bina,
Clements, and Davis
1. Wage Labor and Global Capital: Global Competition and Universalization of
the Labor Movement, Bina and Davis
2. Labor and Today's Global Economic Crisis: A Historical View, D. C. Ranney
3. Political Entrepreneuralism: Deregulation, Privatization, and the
"Reinvention of Government," L. Clements
4. The Swedish Model: From the Cradle to the Grave, N. Eiger
5. Labor Relations and the Social Structure of Accumulation: The Case of
U.S. Coal Mining, M. I. Naples
6. Shop Floor Relations: The Past, Present, and Future of Mass Production,
D. Fairris
7. An Alternative Strategy: Lessons from the UAW Local 6 and FE, 1946-52
8. Lean and Mean: Work, Locality, and Unions, P. Garrahan and P. Stewart
9. The Future is Already Here: Deskilling of Work in the "Office of the
Future," V. Mogensen
10. Management Resistance to Change: A Case of Computer Information Systems,
E. Bernard
11. Legal Challenges Against Plant Closings: Eminent Domain, Labor, and
Community Property Rights, D. Schultz
Selected Bibliography
About the Editors

Best wishes,


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> re Paulo's 6828
> >Hi Cyrus, welcome to the Ope-l. The title of the book you co-edited
> >me. Would you please send us the table of contents, even if briefly
> >Thank you,
> >Paulo
> >
> >P.S. I have been thinking about how a marxian book on labor economics
> >look like and came to the following points
> >
> >I. Inclusion
> >1. exploitation
> >2. forms of wages and exploitation
> Paulo,
> while I2a may include analysis of time vs piece wages and I2b wages
> vs. salaries, would I2c include analysis of formally free and
> formally unfree forms of *capitalist* exploitation? What did you make
> of the story that I downloaded in OPE-L 6817? I have had some offlist
> discussion with Patrick Mason about this, and I am trying to
> encourage him to return.
> Have you reviewed Ingrid H Rima Labor Markets in a Global Economy
> (Armonk, NY: ME Sharpe, 1996)?
> >
> >II. Exclusion
> >3. technological change and exclusion (industrial reserve army)
> Chris Freeman wrote an interesting book on technological
> unemployment. I learned a great deal from this forgotten classic,
> Alexander Gourvitch, Survey of Economic Theory on Technological
> Change and Employment, New York: Augustus Kelley, 1966 [1940].
> >4. exclusion and self-employment
> >5. historicam transformation in the composition of the resenve army
> One interesting aspect here is border politics. As workers have been
> laid off in the US, they have found themselves returning back to
> Latin American, Mexico in particular.
> Another interesting aspect would be the export of workers. Do
> exporting countries really relieve unemployment and collect hard
> currency through the export of workers? If there is a net loss, then
> would do they allow it? Can they stop it?
> >
> >IV. labor process and forms of control
> >6. technological change, labor process and forms of control over labor
> Interesting that Rima has little to say about this, but I am sure
> Tony Smith does.
> >
> >V. Differentiation
> >7. competition and wage differentials
> >8. wage differentials and different rates of exploitation
> >
> >I would like to hear from our colleagues what they think would compose a
> >of contents of a book on labor economics.
> >Paulo
> >
> All the best, Rakesh

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