[OPE-L:6830] Diego Guerrero

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Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 13:31:32 EST

Diego Guerrero, our first member from Spain, has joined OPE-L. His email
address is <diego.guerrero@cps.ucm.es>

Diego introduces himself:


> I am making research in the areas I mention in the titles of the books
> below, and have a special interest in contributing to put together the
> efforts different groups are making separately, such as Sociedade de
> Economia Politica (Brasil), Association for Heterodox Economics,
> Coloquio Latinoamericano de Economia Politica, IWGVT, Conference of
> Socialist Economists, Jornadas de Economia Critica (spain), etc. We are
> preparing now the IX Jornadas de Economia Critica (Madrid, February
> 2004) and I would like to see there people coming from everywhere.
> Comradely yours,
> Diego
> Diego Guerrero, Titular Professor of Economics at the Complutense
> University of Madrid (Spain), is Ph. D in Economics and MA. in Law and
> Business Administration. He made research at the Centre de Recherche en
> Economie Industrielle (Paris) and New School University (New York). He
> belongs to the Committees of the Doctorate Program in his Department,
> of the Fundamentals Area (Jornadas de Economia Critica, Spain) and of
> the International Journal of Political Economy. Among his publications
> they are: (1997): Historia del pensamiento económico heterodoxo,
> Madrid: Trotta; (1995): Competitividad: Teoria y poiítica, Barcelona:
> Ariel; (1989): Acumulacion de capital, distribucion de le renta y
> crisis de rentabilidad en España (1954-1987), Madrid: UCM. He has
> edited as well (2002): Manual de Economia Politica, Madrid: Sintesis;
> (2002): Lecturas de Economia Politica, Madrid: Sintesis; (2000):
> Macroeconomia y crisis mundial, Madrid: Trotta; (2000, with J.
> Arriola): La nueva economia politica de la globalizacion, Bilbao: UPV;
> (1997/98): The Distribution of National Income: Theory and Practice of
> Marxist Analysis, New York: International Journal of Political Economy,
> in which he edited (in Spanish) works by other current and former
> suscribers of the list (Alejandro Valle, Reinaldo Carcanholo, Gerard
> Dumenil, Duncan Foley, Alan Freeman, Andrew Kliman, David Laibman,
> Dominique Levy, Paul Mattick, Jr., Maria de Lourdes Mollo, Claus Magno
> Germer, Paolo Giussani, Abelardo Marina, Michael Perelman, Alfredo
> Saad-Filho, Anwar Shaikh) and others.

Diego: welcome aboard!

In solidarity, Jerry

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