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From: Francisco Paulo Cipolla (cipolla@sociais.ufpr.br)
Date: Thu Mar 28 2002 - 11:01:01 EST

Hi Cyrus, welcome to the Ope-l. The title of the book you co-edited interests
me. Would you please send us the table of contents, even if briefly stated.
Thank you,

P.S. I have been thinking about how a marxian book on labor economics would
look like and came to the following points

I. Inclusion
1. exploitation
2. forms of wages and exploitation

II. Exclusion
3. technological change and exclusion (industrial reserve army)
4. exclusion and self-employment
5. historicam transformation in the composition of the resenve army

IV. labor process and forms of control
6. technological change, labor process and forms of control over labor

V. Differentiation
7. competition and wage differentials
8. wage differentials and different rates of exploitation

I would like to hear from our colleagues what they think would compose a table
of contents of a book on labor economics.

ope-l administrator wrote:

> Cyrus Bina" <binac@mrs.umn.edu>, from the University of Minnesota, has
> joined OPE-L.
> Here he tells us a little about his interests:
> -------------------------------------
> My work includes
> The Economics of the Oil Crisis (St. Martin's, 1985), in which I have
> originally developed Marxian Theories of Oil Rents, Oil Crisis, and
> Globalization of the Oil Industry.  I also extended those theories to US
> foreign policy elsewhere.  I have written extensively about the 'Pax
> Americana' and its demise due to the forces of globalization, and decline
> of US hegemony (ala Gramsci).  Since  mid-1980s, I have been working on
> the notions of 'globalization,' 'technological change,' and 'skill
> formation' in capitalism.  And labor co-editor, Beyond Survival: Wage
> Labor in the Late Twentieth Century, M.E. Sharpe, 1996).  Finally, I am
> also specialized on Political Islam and Iran (co-editor, Modern
> Capitalism and Islamic Ideology in Iran, Macmillan, 1992).
> -------------------------------------
> Cyrus: welcome aboard!
> In solidarity, Jerry
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