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 George Caffentzis. In the US, Dreaming of Iraq. Preface 2002: The Political Economy of "the War on Terrorism" 


Peter Waterman. The Still Unconsummated Marriage of International Unionism and the Global Justice Movement. A Labor Report on the World Social Forum, Porto Alegre 

The Leeds May Day Group. Anti-Capitalist Movements. 

dEbAtE: on primitive accumulation

 We publish the first two contributions of a debate on the concept of "primitive accumulation" .  Following our publication of a special issue of The Commoner on new and old enclosures (The Commoner, N. 2, September 2002) Paul Zarembka sent us a critical article. Werner Bonefeld offers the first reply. We hope more people will join in.

Paul Zarembka. Primitive Accumulation in Marxism, Historical or Trans-historical Separation from Means of Production? 

Werner Bonefeld. History and Social Constitution: Primitive Accumulation is not Primitive. 


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