[OPE-L:6774] Andrew Kliman "Stigler and Barkai on Ricardo's Profit Rate Theory"

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Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 18:40:16 EST

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Date:   Tue, 5 March 2002
Re:  paper

 Dear Colleagues,
 The attached Word 97 file contains the paper I'll be presenting at
the value theory miniconference at the Eastern Economic
Association meetings next week in Boston.  Some of you will be
there; others are receiving it just because I think the topic
might interest you.  If not, sorry for bothering you.
The paper, entitled "Stigler and Barkai on Ricardo's Profit Rate
Theory," deals principally with Stigler's "principle of scientific
exegesis," and discusses its significance for the current value
theory debate. Any thoughts you would care to share will be most
Andrew Kliman
Dept. of Economics
Pace University
Pleasantville, NY 10570 USA
phone: (914) 773-3968
fax:  (914) 773-3951

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