[OPE-L:6772] RE: Re: list procedures and coordination

From: mongiovg (mongiovg@stjohns.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 19 2002 - 08:17:54 EST

I guess my main question is this: exactly what responsibilities and functions 
would this team have?


>===== Original Message From "gerald_a_levy" <gerald_a_levy@msn.com> =====
>Re Alfredo's [6764]:
>In principle, I am not opposed to the following (indeed if done
>_well_ it would be a great benefit to both the list  and myself) but
>-- as they say -- "the devil is in the details".
>E.g.  -- no offense intended to anyone in particular -- there are
>some listmembers for whom it would be  absolute hell to work
>with on such a committee (and indeed would *greatly* raise my
>stress level and time commitment).  So, an absolute pre-requisite
>for me is  that whichever individuals are part of this committee are
>easy to work with.  I don't think that asking  on-list for  volunteers
>will ensure this (or the following) result.   Instead, I think it would
>be better if individual listmembers (bearing the following paragraph
>in mind) were asked.
>In general,  I think the list would be best served -- *if* we decide to
>go ahead with Alfredo's proposal -- by a *SMALL* group  (a large
>committee would be very stressful and a real killer)  of people who
>are respected by all and considered to be fair, who represent diverse
>theoretical and political  perspectives,  and who come from various
>parts of the world. A committee of  4-5 listmembers besides myself
>should be large enough to be moderately representative but small
>enough to be workable. I would anticipate, within this new structure,
>remaining list coordinator for the foreseeable future.
>However, other than Alfredo, no one else has made their thoughts
>known about his proposal and I would  feel a lot better before going
>ahead with this change if I knew that is what the rest of you want.
>In solidarity, Jerry
>>> Everyone knows that I admire and fully support Jerry's extraordinary work 
on OPE-L. Jerry has been carrying this heavy burden carefully and 
conscientiously for several years, and he deserves nothing but admiration for 
what he, and the list as a whole, have achieved, and will continue to achieve 
in the future.
>However, recent events show that Jerry has been put in a disadvantaged and 
very exposed position, and this is both unfair and wrong. In order to fulfil 
his multiple tasks as list co-ordinator and mediator, Jerry has been put in 
the impossible position of having to relate to all of us, both simultaneously 
and separately, at different levels at the same time. This may be one of the 
main reasons why Jerry is vulnerable to disagreement - even at a personal 
level - with good friends and comrades, even with risk to his own health (as 
he explained in a recent
>message). These are things that we can all live without, and Jerry neither 
needs nor deserves this type of aggravation.
>I would like to make a proposal, which I will do in good faith - I will also 
withdraw this proposal should Jerry or others object. In these matters, 
consensus is the only way forward. I think that the list would benefit if 
Jerry selected, or if we somehow chose, a very small number of people to help 
Jerry, Allin and Rakesh with different aspects of the management of the list.
>A measure of collective responsibility in day-to-day management would allow 
Jerry to maintain his involvement with the list while reducing the degree of 
his personal exposure, thus preserving his own work and life from any 
conflicts that may arise on OPE-L.
>Having said this, I want to reiterate that I fully support and admire Jerry's 
work. Moreover, this proposal is not meant to exclude anyone from anything - 
the idea is, rather, to allow everyone to feel *included* while, at the same 
time, reducing Jerry's own exposure and eliminating the personal aspect of the 
disagreements that we have experienced recently. <<<

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