[OPE-L:6767] Re: John Milios

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 13:21:50 EST

Can I have the Email please
>    John Milios, an Associate Professor of Political  Economy and the
>History of Economic Thought at the National  Technical University of
>Athens, has joined  OPE-L.   John, also called Giannis, is director of the
>quarterly journal of economic and political theory *Thesseis* (published
>since 1982 in the Greek language) and is a member of the Board  of
>Scientific Advisors (Wissenschaftlicher Beirat) of the annual  journal
>*Beitrage zur Marx-Engels-Forschung. Neue Folge*  (Berlin, Germany).    
>He is the author of more than 190 papers in  referred journals (in Greek,
>English, German, French and Turkish) and  of 10 books, of which the most
>recently published are:  *Marxism as a Conflict between Schools of
>Thought* (Athens,  1996), *Theories of Global Capitalism: A Critical
>Approach* (Athens, 1997), *Modes of Production and Marxist Analysis*
>(Athens, 1997), *The Greek Social Formation: >From  Expansionism to
>Capitalist Development* (Athens, 2000), [all in the  Greek  language],
>*Karl Marx and the Classics* ,  co-authored with  D. Dimoulis and G.
>Economakis,  (Ashgate,  March 2002). He is also co-editor of the
>collective volume *Welfare  State and Democracy in Crisis: Reforming the
>European Model*  (Ashgate, 2001).   His research interests include value
>theory,  the internationalization of capital and theories of imperialism. 
>  John: welcome aboard!   In solidarity, Jerry

17 Bristol Road, Brighton, BN2 1AP, England

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