[OPE-L:6766] Re: teach yourself Marx's Capital?

From: Christopher Arthur (cjarthur@waitrose.com)
Date: Mon Mar 18 2002 - 13:05:26 EST

dear Jerry
Some points off the top:
I recall this being a good abridgement. I think the Trotsky angle is
accidental. he was a bigger name at the time than Marx so was used to
'sell' it: the dust jacket of my copy calls it "Leon Trotsky presents the
living thoughts of Karl marx'.
There are two other abridgement in print. MY own - of volume 1 - from
Lawrance & Wishart; and a later Oxford one by McLellan - of the three
volumes - but strangely his V1 follows mine very closely. MY idea was that
students have limited time so I cut it down to the argument itself rather
than the illustrations and the footnotes. The cost is most of the jokes go.
It is also on the Marx-Engels CD from Electronic books which is weird since
they have the full one too.
Chris A

>    At the following site titled "Teach yourself Marx's  Capital" you will
>find Otto Ruhle's abridgement of Volume 1  of  _Capital_   allegedly
>prepared in  collaboration with Leon  Trotsky:  
>http://www.workersliberty.org/wlmags/wl58/capital1.htm     This raises a #
>of   questions: =====================   1)  what are the pitfalls of
>teaching   *yourself*  _Capital_ rather than being part of a study group
>and/or  class that jointly reads _Capital_?   2) the presumption is that
>you can understand  _Capital_ by understanding Volume 1?  Isn't this an
>unwarranted and misleading presumption?   3) what are the pitfalls of
>reading an  *abridgement* of Volume 1 rather than the entire work?   4) Of
>the various abridgements of Volume 1 which  are the better ones and which
>are the worst ones?  Why?   5)  How would you evaluate the Ruhle
>abridgement?   6)  What role did Trotsky play in the  preparation of this
>abridgement? Did he only write the introductory  essay "Marxism in our
>time": http://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/works/1939/1939-cri.htm or
>did he have a greater role as  suggested in the  "workersliberty"
>introduction?   7) How would you evaluate Trotsky's essay? Did  it really
>belong in an abridgement of Volume 1?  Might it not prejudice an
>introductory reader to  _Capital_ in  terms of interpretations of that
>work? If it _had_  to be included, wouldn't it  have been be better  to
>have  placed it  *after* the abridgement?   In solidarity, Jerry        

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