[OPE-L:6759] teach yourself Marx's Capital?

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Sun Mar 17 2002 - 08:42:02 EST

At the following site titled "Teach yourself Marx's Capital"
you will find Otto Ruhle's abridgement of Volume 1 of 
_Capital_   allegedly prepared in collaboration with Leon 


This raises a # of  questions:

1)  what are the pitfalls of teaching  *yourself*  _Capital_
rather than being part of a study group and/or class
that jointly reads _Capital_?

2) the presumption is that you can understand _Capital_
by understanding Volume 1?  Isn't this an unwarranted
and misleading presumption?

3) what are the pitfalls of reading an *abridgement* of
Volume 1 rather than the entire work?

4) Of the various abridgements of Volume 1 which are
the better ones and which are the worst ones? Why?

5)  How would you evaluate the Ruhle abridgement?

6)  What role did Trotsky play in the preparation of this
abridgement? Did he only write the introductory essay
"Marxism in our time":
or did he have a greater role as suggested
in the  "workersliberty" introduction?

7) How would you evaluate Trotsky's essay? Did it
really belong in an abridgement of Volume 1? Might
it not prejudice an introductory reader to _Capital_ in 
terms of interpretations of that work? If it _had_ to
be included, wouldn't it  have been be better to have 
placed it  *after* the abridgement?

In solidarity, Jerry

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