[OPE-L:6758] Re: Re: Re: Unsubscribe

From: howard engelskirchen (lhengels@igc.org)
Date: Sat Mar 16 2002 - 23:57:53 EST

I'm very glad for Paul's 6756 and hope it will encourage others to
reconsider.  As Michael suggested in his recent post, the chance for people
to come together to discuss Marxist political economy justifies special
effort to confront and overcome discord and division.

Apropos the imperialism thread there is this from William Pfaff in the
International Herald Tribune of 1/7/2002 (I'm translating from a quote to
the IHT in Le Monde Diplomatique for March):  "The United States are in
some sense the first proto world state.  They have the capacity to take
leadership of a modern version of a universal empire, a spontaneous empire,
the members of which submit voluntarily to its authority."  It seems
implausible that this particular repartition of spheres of dependence will
take place without a large, long and intense period of violence of the sort
that Bush, having finally found a job he thinks he can succeed at, aspires
to take charge of.  


>Asfilho@aol.com said [OPE-L:6740], on 03/14/02:
>>I must dash to the airport in a few minutes, and cannot comment in detail
>>about Paul Z's message... I would ask Paul Z to stay on the list for the 
>>time being, even beyond Saturday.
>OK, Alfredo, I withhold my unsubscribing for the time being.
>Jerry, do NOT unsubscribe me.  I will unsubcribe myself, when ready, as
>indicated in [OPE-L:6730] on Ted McGlone's unsubscribing.
>Paul Z.

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