[OPE-L:6753] Prima donnas and Marxism

From: dashyaf@easynet.co.uk
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 18:33:16 EST

This is all amazing! What is going on and why are people so sensitive? I 
have just been removed from a CPE group that I have been attending and 
contributing to in London for some time - immediately after I had given a 
paper on th elabour aristocracy and imerialism - on the grounds that the 
organiser and some other people didn't like my approach to Marxism. No 
discussion, no warning just a dissolution of the group and a reconstitution 
without me. A few of those in the group, as well as the organiser, have 
been contributing to the latest discussion in OPE-L re disputes etc. I find 
their contributions mind blowing in the circumstances. Some I have written 
to in order to find out if they knew I had been written out of the new 
group. They have not even had the courtesy to reply.

I always find those who dislike real commitment to Marxism so incredibly 
intolerant of views they disagree with. But that's life.

For my part I value committed discussion - as Marxists we are not academics 
after all but committed people who want to change the world...

Conflict is inevitable and healthy...

David Yaffe

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