[OPE-L:6749] Re: list procedures and coordination

From: Simon Mohun (s.mohun@qmul.ac.uk)
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 08:50:17 EST

Apologies to all for my quiescence. I hope to engage more in the future.

 From this side of the Atlantic, I have some sympathy with Michael W's 
trenchant views. But I'm also aware that there must be some stuff in the US 
that is not in the public domain which is underlying what has fired some 
people up so. Is it something to do with the history of the Kliman article 
that appeared in the Spring 2001 issue of Capital & Class? Or is it 
something else? Can anyone write a brief factual and uncontentious account 
of what has upset people? Or two brief and contentious accounts giving the 
different points of view? Or is this impossible? Or just not worth it?

I think Jerry has done a good job as list coordinator, and I hope he 
continues 'as is'.


At 09:43 14/03/02 -0500, you wrote:
>1) Re Alfredo's [6740]:
> > In my view, the time is right to draw a line under these events, and
>rethink the rules and procedures of the list. This might allow us to review
>our rules and change them as we see fit (if we want to do this). Having done
>this, we may decide to invite back some former members who may have left (in
>the distant past or in the last few days), and who may be willing to abide
>by the (new) rules and procedures. <
>I am, of course, open to such a discussion. I propose that
>it take place ON-list.
>2) more on Paul Z's [6738]:
>Paul writes that the list is "threatened by its manager".
>I will repeat again what I have written in the past: OPE-L
>is a collaborative project  rather than being my "property"
>and if it is the will of most  listmembers that I stand aside
>and let someone else be  the list coordinator, I will abide
>by that decision (and would,  indeed, help the new coordinator
>in whatever ways she or  he requested in the transition).
>However, based both on  on-list statements in the last week and
>off-list messages of  support that I have received I believe that
>the overwhelming majority of listmembers are quite happy with the
>job that I am doing.  I think that those who believe otherwize --
>out of respect for the _other_ members on this list -- have a
>responsibility to make their thoughts known and attempt to change
>the list rather than just remove themselves from it.
>I invite responses -- by all listmembers -- on this issue as well
>In solidarity, Jerry

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