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Listmember Tony Tinker sent me this announcement for a conference he has been busy organizing./In solidarity, Jerry

Conference description and information
Thursday April 25th - Saturday April 27th, 2002
Baruch College: City University of New York


The 2002 Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference provides a forum for
exploring critical research on emerging issues in accounting and auditing.
It brings together interested faculty, professionals, policy makers,
accounting students and others concerned with professional and regulatory
issues in the corporate, university, government, and financial sectors.


The conference seeks original contributions that examine issues of
organizational and social accountability which presently face professionals,
educators, and scholars.  Several "Boutique" session-streams are planned,
following the genre of previous conferences:

The following are illustrative, but not exhaustive, of the general
conference themes:   Problems facing Emerging Scholars, Commodifying
practice and teaching; Race & Class; Multicultural Issues; Poetry of
Accounting; Institutional Failures - Litigation, Malpractice &Competition;
Impact of Information Technologies; Social Audits, Accounting & the State;
Ecology & Green Accounting; Gender Relations & Feminist Theories;
Globalization & International Issues; Critical Histories -Auditing as Social
Dialogue; Public Sector and Healthcare Issues; New Technologies in teaching
& practice; Management Accounting Developments; Regulation, standard setting
and capital markets; Critical Ethnographies.


The conference will be held at the Baruch College conference facilities from
Thursday through Saturday, April 25-27, 2002, beginning with the all-day
Emerging Scholars program and an evening reception on Thursday, and ending
late Saturday afternoon (allowing visitors to enjoy the city and its
facilities for the remainder of the weekend).


Complete manuscripts, working papers, abstracts and panel proposals are
welcome.  Conference submissions: 3.5" disk sent by regular mail (no email
attachments please -- viruses!).  Add 4 printed copies if you would like
your work to be reviewed by the journal.  Use Word format.  Avoid tables,
special symbols, graphs, etc.  In addition, an HTML version of your paper
would be appreciated (but without sub-file inserts such as jpg or gif
images, tables, etc).  Submissions should include the name, address, email,
telephone, and FAX numbers of all authors, designating the corresponding
author.  Submission is taken to signify that the author(s) grants permission
to have their paper loaded on the conference website.	Early submissions
are encouraged. The deadline is January 20, 2002. Authors will be advised of
the editorial decision no later than February 25, 2002. A selection of
manuscripts will be published in Critical Perspectives on Accounting, the
Accounting Forum, Advances in Public Interest Accounting, and other
sponsoring journals. Journal editors will contact authors independently
about papers for journal consideraton.


Previous conferences sponsors and participants include the Critical
Perspectives on Accounting Journal , Deloitte & Touche, Centre for
Accounting Ethics (Binghamton University), the Public Interest Section and
the Gender Section of the American Accounting Association (AAA), the
Advances in Public Interest Accounting journal, Accounting Forum and the
Accounting, Auditing, and Accountability Journal ( AAAJ ), and Alternative
Perspectives on Financial Accounting (APFC).


Professor Tony Tinker
Baruch College: Box B12-225
City University of New York
17 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010

Tel: 646-212-3175
Fax: 646-312-3161
EMail: TonyTinker@MSN.com



Tony Tinker
Professor and Editor
Critical Perspectives on Accounting
The Accounting Forum
Baruch College: CUNY Box B12-225
17 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY 10010
Email: TonyTinker@msn.com
Tel: 646 312 3175
Fax: 646 312 3161
Critical Conference Site: http://zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu/critical/

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