[OPE-L:6744] RE: list procedures and coordination

From: Michael Williams (michaelj.williams@tiscali.co.uk)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 13:29:21 EST

Offended prima donnas with an inflated sense of their own importance,
deployment of heavy pseudo political arguments to attempt to justify
personal grievances, spurious attempts to drive 'science' by 'politics'
rather than 'politics by science' (by people who presumably were bitten at
an early age by an Econ101 positive-normative distinction), intellectuals
with the temerity to push their intellectual position as a 'paradigm shift'
(a concept whose intellectual legitimacy, if any, lies in its ex post use in
the history of science), destructive competitive presentation of oneself as
more deprived than others, attempts to open up antagonism between the
tenured (who dat? there is no tenure in UK Unis, just 3 or 2 months notice
on either side + normal employment law) and the untenured, people oh so
ready to take offence and oh so ready to be as offensive as they choose,
demonstrative public 'unsubscribing' instead of quietly leaving, felt need
(apparently) to destroy a forum rather than just leave it, intellectuals who
think their particular harsh treatment by referees is of major political
importance rather than just being the froth of intellectual life, etc. etc,

Of whom am I talking - well, if the cap fits, wear it (and no doubt a few
would fit me from time to time ...).

All human life is here - but what has all this detritus got to do with a
group of people coming together  by agreement to discuss Marxist Political
Economy without sinking into the destructive factionalism of old?

Chill out comrades,


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1) Re Alfredo's [6740]:

> In my view, the time is right to draw a line under these events, and
rethink the rules and procedures of the list. This might allow us to review
our rules and change them as we see fit (if we want to do this). Having done
this, we may decide to invite back some former members who may have left (in
the distant past or in the last few days), and who may be willing to abide
by the (new) rules and procedures. <

I am, of course, open to such a discussion. I propose that
it take place ON-list.

2) more on Paul Z's [6738]:

Paul writes that the list is "threatened by its manager".

I will repeat again what I have written in the past: OPE-L
is a collaborative project  rather than being my "property"
and if it is the will of most  listmembers that I stand aside
and let someone else be  the list coordinator, I will abide
by that decision (and would,  indeed, help the new coordinator
in whatever ways she or  he requested in the transition).
However, based both on  on-list statements in the last week and
off-list messages of  support that I have received I believe that
the overwhelming majority of listmembers are quite happy with the
job that I am doing.  I think that those who believe otherwize --
out of respect for the _other_ members on this list -- have a
responsibility to make their thoughts known and attempt to change
the list rather than just remove themselves from it.

I invite responses -- by all listmembers -- on this issue as well

In solidarity, Jerry

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