[OPE-L:6740] Re: Unsubscribe

From: Asfilho@aol.com
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 08:15:06 EST

I must dash to the airport in a few minutes, and cannot comment in detail about Paul Z's message.

I don't think that his leaving OPE-L will help to build up the pluralist and open forum that we all want to have. 

In the past few weeks, the list has suffered from at least three bouts of ill-tempered discussion, starting with the overflow of the Kliman-URPE affair, then the Freeman case, and now Paul Z's email.

In my view, the time is right to draw a line under these events, and rethink the rules and procedures of the list. This might allow us to review our rules and change them as we see fit (if we want to do this). Having done this, we may decide to invite back some former members who may have left (in the distant past or in the last few days), and who may be willing to abide by the (new) rules and procedures. 

In order to allow this to happen, if a sufficient number of members agree that it should be tried, I would ask Paul Z to stay on the list for the time being, even beyond Saturday.


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