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From: Paul Zarembka (zarembka@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Date: Thu Mar 14 2002 - 07:17:15 EST

Please 'Unsubscribe' me, effective: noon, Saturday, March 16.

Jerry referred to "threats against the list", and baiting each of us to
ask for a private message falling into his hands.  If we asked, we become
part of the theatre. If we asked, we may find difficult an 'out.  So, we
accept the problem as being that of an inside saboteur among our members.

Yet, what could be "threats against the list"?  Jerry has the only power
over who's on the list (optionally choosing some to consult).
 1) Is the listserver at Chico State College threatening the list?  No.
 2) Are the capitalists on to us -- multiple options here?  No. 

In fact, even from the incitement itself [OPE-l:6672] we know we are safe,
... except from ourselves.  We go on.  Enticement ("leading on by exciting
desire") wins.  Its win reflects on our political savvy.  It is a loss for
the movement we are to represent.

If this is not enough, consider entrapment.  When asked [OPE-L:6713], "was
the original email sender told TO WHOM you have forwarded the mis-sent
email"?, no answer was forthcoming from Jerry [OPE-L:6718]. Thus, a
private, mis-sent email is now seemingly in hands unknown to the original
sender, perhaps being further passed around, and damaging reputation and
livelihood, probably in ways never to be known.  (To reply that requester
names have to be kept confidential would beg the question of having
started this whole secret process in the first place.)  So, should we
question non-tenured workers becoming a bit leery of this list
[OPE-L:6720], even if they could swallow enticement without stomach upset?

Jerry will reply, I got the sender's permission first.  Not likely for
this.  Not for enticement and entrapment.

In other words, this list is far more threatened by its manager than one
member's private emails.

Thanks to all from whom I have learned.  Of course, I remain open to
private correspondence.


For those interested, the RESEARCH IN POLITICAL ECONOMY web site is on my
signature and may be accessed for relevant information.  Note that it is
yearly and hardback only, published by the major scientific publisher
Elsevier (Amsterdam, London, New York, etc.).  Submissions may be sent
either by email or regular (3 copies in this case), and up to 50 pages in
print.  We are interested in Marxist theoretical and empirical work, and
in work consistent with developing class analysis when not explicitly
Marxist.  Equally interesting is work outside "economics".

Authors: You get the issue in which you are published and are entitled
(forever?) to 30% off any Elsevier Science books (and some journals).

At the bottom of the site is a link to Marx's "Value, Price and Profit"
abridged to fully served as an introduction to Marx's theory, and Links to
other sites.

At the very bottom of the site is a link to an action to protect tenured
academic workers age 40+ in New York, and in U.S. more generally, from
being 'contracted out' by our university employer.

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