[OPE-L:6733] archives for the aut-op-sy list

From: gerald_a_levy (gerald_a_levy@msn.com)
Date: Tue Mar 12 2002 - 21:21:25 EST

The archives for a mailing list of autonomist Marxists and
class struggle anarchists called "aut-op-sy" is at:


"aut" is short for Autonomia; "op" stands for Operaismo; I'm 
not sure what the "sy" is for. The stated intention of the list
is to discuss class composition, decomposition, and auto-
valorization (an expression coined, I believe, by Tony Negri).

A description of the list is at:


Massimo and John H are members of that list and occasionally 
participate. Harry Cleever and many other autonomist Marxists
are there as well. It is an open mailing list, though, and is 
periodically invaded by hostile forces hell bent on disruption
and specializing in flames (I know this well because I used
to subscribe --  even though I am not an autonomist Marxist ).
Often there are informational posts and announcements 
that are of interest. Steve Wright, from Australia, is the  moderator.

The main WWW aut-op-sy site, set-up by Steve 
Wright and Franco Barchiesi, is at:


There is a link to a mirror site in Italian: the aut-op-sy list has a large 
Italian contingent. There are many other useful links mostly of
organizations of anarchists or Marxists engaged in struggles.

Papers by George Caffentzis, David Harvie, Red Notes, Steve Wright and 
others -- well worth a read! -- are archived at:


In solidarity, Jerry

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