[OPE-L:6722] Re: Re: Internal Discussion Document

From: Alejandro Ramos (aramos@btl.net)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 23:16:59 EST

Re 6721

Inexplicably, I haven't been unsubscribed from this list yet. Please do that.
I don't want to bother Mike Williams and other comrades with this kind of
awful stuff.


P.S. Re Jerry's message:

a. *Common sense*, Jerry, *common sense*. If a person has been arguing with
you for days and he is bewildered after clicking the wrong icon, he can say
anything. He can even give you authorization to kill him or circulate his
private messages. A list coordinator has the wisdom, the common sense, not
to do that. *Private*, *mis-sent* correspondence is *destroyed immediatly*,
not saved as a "weapon", not circulated to others.

b. Health is first. Please forget AF, AK and AR and all this stuff. The
world is big.

Re Alejandro R's [6720]:

> Your "handling" of *private*, *mis-sent* correspondence was too much for
> me.

Since Alejandro has chosen, despite the request of Alan and myself, to
re-open the discussion on-list, I will reluctantly respond:

Let's start with the facts which can be *proven*:

1) An email was unintentionally addressed _to me_ by Alan in which he
was addressing someone outside of the list about a matter under
consideration before the list. Included within Alan's email was a private
message that I wrote to someone else and in which I had cc'd  AF.
AF's email was cc'd to 3 other listmembers.

2) Upon receiving the email, I sent a response to Alan and the 3 who were
cc'd. Only Alan responded.  In his response, he *did* give me explicit
written permission to send that email to others and there were *no*
that he stated at that time about what I could or could not do with that

3)  Obviously,  things have not developed according to Alan's plan, but let
me note:

a) In [6672] I did not mention Alan's name.  Had it not been for _Alan
himself_ then there would have been no mention on-list of the author's

b) the IDD was not made "public" as Alejandro and Alan have falsely
claimed. It was made available:  i) off-list  to listmembers upon request;
and ii) by Alan himself (I  presume) since I referred a listmember who
had requested a copy to Alan as per _his_ request in [6676].

c) based on 2) I _could have_  just forwarded Alan's email to the
list. I chose not to.

d) I deleted the email addresses and the names of those that Alan cc'd
since Alan himself had suggested that the inclusion of their names would
unfairly prejudice listmembers against the 3.

e) I cautioned listmembers in [6672] that the "intended recipient of the
email" can not be held responsible for what the author of the email
wrote. This, again, was in direct response to a concern that Alan

> The botton line is that the list moderator of OPE-L --Jerry Levy--
<snip, JL>

The bottom line is that I acted appropriately and showed in practice a
willingness to deal with Alan's concerns. Indeed, the day before [6672]
was sent I made numerous efforts to reach a settlement with Alan, the
3, and the recipient of Alan's email.   If the full truth were known,
everyone would see how Alan and Co. refused to reach an agreement
and indeed escalated the tensions by raising old (and false) charges.

Those who have read the IDD --  and the 3 (or more) who received
copies of the original email from Alan -- will note that the play that
was scripted in advance in his email is being played-out before us now.

In solidarity, Jerry

PS to Alejandro: did you give _any_ thought at all to the possible 
health consequences of  conspiring to make me "sweat"?  Alan
_intentionally_ wanted to place stress on me and succeeded to the
point where, (just a few minutes after writing an email to you 
concerning a Spanish-speaking person who communicated with me)
on the "G" train in Brooklyn,  I had chest pain. I  took an aspirin 
and waited for the pain to subside (or get worse). I remember smiling,
though, with dark humor at the possibility of dying on the same 
day as I received Alan's email and how he -- and I presumed, the
3 -- would feel responsible. So, dear friend,  please consider that
as you are walking out the door.  You feel injured -- poor Ale.
How would you have felt had I died? Now I am stressed again 
and have to get off-line and chill out.  

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