[OPE-L:6720] Internal Discussion Document

From: Alejandro Ramos (aramos@btl.net)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 20:53:57 EST

Re Jerry 6718:

>As I wrote on-list, AF gave me *explicit written permission* -- without
>*any* conditions -- to make his message available to others. This
>authorization by Alan  was made  before I sent my post on the IDD to the


Your "handling" of *private*, *mis-sent* correspondence was too much for me.

It seems to me that it requires really little common sense to see that in
the heat of a discussion somebody may give one "permission" to do something
that actually is not intended as such. Did you think before forwarding
*private*, *mis-sent* correspondence of one listmember to other
listmembers, and in this way to other people, that Alan had the right to
give a *second thought* or even a *third thought* regarding this? Have you
*really* realized the meaning of forwarding *private*, *mis-sent*
correspondence to other people?

In my understanding of these matters, a list moderator is a kind of primus
inter pares, a person who not only has lots of common sense but also is
able to stay above the disputes even though she or he may be involved in
the debate. Definitively you are not this kind of person. At some point you
received *by mistake* a *private* document and the sole idea you got was to
use it as a "weapon" in an internal dispute. Now, the use of that "weapon"
implied the violation of the most elemental rules of, can I say, courtesy
and comradeship, by you, no matter what "permission" you have received. (In
my country, when somebody asks you to bring a letter to other people, the
sender gives your the letter in an *open* envelope. The person who will
carry the letter *seals* it in presence of the sender.)

The botton line is that the list moderator of OPE-L --Jerry Levy-- has
forwarded upon request *private*, *mis-sent* correspondence of one list
member to other people. This is completely unprecendented.

For people like Alan or me, who are not covered by confortable academic
posts where safety matters may not be so important, it is impossible to
have any link with an individual who has made public *private*, *mis-sent*

Please, unsubscribe me from this list, and please do not write to me in any
form in the future.


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